Oak Tree Dental

CMS Web Design

Oak Tree Dental is a dental practice who pride themselves on providing quality dentistry for all ages within a relaxing and comfortable environment. Mayman Design were one of our number of companies approached for web design concepts and were chosen for the project based on our initial designs, our commitment to provide a finished product that the customer was happy with and our competitive pricing.

The web design incorporated their established logo and brand colours to produce a clinical yet modern appearance. In addition to describing basic services available at the Dental Practice, the partners were keen to promote the business aspect of their work, selling private dental treatments.  The website provided the perfect platform for them to display large amounts of content along with images, videos and digital media from external sites ensuring that patients would feel completely informed and knowledgeable about their treatments, prices and approach. The new site has been promoted externally as well as to all their existing customers in mail communications, on site TV advertisement and posters.

Graphic Design & Print Services

Mayman Design continue to support Oak Tree Dental with Graphic Design services. Most recently we have designed two sets of A5 flyers to be circulated in a local newspaper to promote NHS and private dental treatments. Using our press pass at a regional printers, we were instrumental in the production of over 350,000 flyers which were then distributed to target specific geographic areas. This was key in increasing the quota of patients treated by the practice to meet the required government targets and increase business revenue.

Oak Tree Dental & Implant Practice